Grass Hay Policies

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At Grandview Ranch, we grow hay on 100 acres of mountain ranch land. We bale about 300 tons of hay a year. We are surrounded on all sides by productive hayfields belonging to other ranchers who raise hay for sale. We can often obtain excellent quality hay in our local area from other ranchers if we run out.

Most of the ranchers in our area put hay up in either large round bales weighing up to 1,500 pounds each, or small square bales (actually rectangular) that weigh 65-75 pounds. Very few ranchers in this part of Colorado bale hay in large (3’x4’x8’) square bales. Ranchers use the round bales to feed out cattle and most horse owners use square bales to feed horses.

You can purchase our hay in either round bales or square bales. Our square bales are 14”x16”x42” and weigh between 65 and 70 pounds. We have found that our buyers generally appreciate a lighter bale rather than a heavier bale. Many of our small bale buyers are women, and can’t stack heavier bales.

We sell by the bale, not by the ton. When we are baling our hay, we routinely check our bale weights so that they are uniform. Hay does lose weight over the course of a summer, fall, and winter, so bales that weighed 65 pounds when they were put up in June might weigh 10% less the next February. If you are buying round bales, we take a representative load of round bales right out of the field, and record that weight. Then we calculate a per-bale price according to the weight of the bales when it was baled.

You are responsible for checking the quality of the hay AT OUR FACILITY. If you purchase hay from us, once it leaves our property, IT’S YOURS. We do not accept returns. We make every effort to sell top-quality hay and represent it honestly. There may be an occasional bale with a moldy spot or a few weeds in it, but we try very hard to deliver a high-quality product.

When buying hay from us, you must pre-pay with either cash, money order, or credit card. We will charge an additional 5% for credit cards. We do not accept personal checks unless you’re a previous customer or unless your check clears well before you pick up hay. We do not invoice hay buyers. 

You are responsible for loading and shipping your hay. We will help provide trucking and labor at a fair price. Those who buy early in the season get the best pricing and the best hay. Quantity buyers get fair pricing. 

May 2015 pricing:

SQUARE BALES:      First cutting grass/alfalfa mix  $8 per bale not loaded

ROUND BALES:       First cutting grass/alfalfa mix   $100 per bale(4ft x 5ft  900-pound bales, excellent hay)