Colorado Mountain Hay

Colorado grass-alfalfa horse hay for sale, timothy hay for sale Colorado, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Texas

Western Colorado horse hay for sale, grass hay for sale 

At Grandview Ranch, we offer mountain-grown Colorado hay for sale. Based in Crawford, Colorado, about an hour southeast of Grand Junction, we grow grass-alfalfa horse hay on 100 acres of irrigated hay meadows. Our ranch, just a couple miles west of the scenic West Elks mountain range, is at 6,300 feet in elevation, giving us the ability to harvest 2-3 cuttings of beautiful green hay each summer.

Nutritious horse hay has a mix of grass, alfalfa, and clover 70:30 grass:alfalfa hay 

Our hay is a nutritious mix of grasses, clover, and alfalfa. Grass species include smooth brome, orchard, fescue, timothy, and several native grasses. Typically the mix is about 70% grass and 30% alfalfa, which we’ve learned is ideal horse hay. Racetracks, hunter-jumper barns, rope horse stables, breeding operations, dude stables, and boarding stables like our hay for its nutrition and quality.

Small square bales, 3x3x8 large square bales, 4×5 round bales

At Grandview Ranch, we offer several different sizes of bales. For those buyers seeking small square bales, we make the 16”x18”x39” standard small square bales that weigh 60-65 pounds apiece. Our large square bales are 3’x3’x8’ and weigh about 725 pounds apiece. Some buyers prefer round bales, so we make 4’x5’ round bales that weigh around 900 pounds each, and we also have a large supply of 5’x6’ round bales that weigh up to 1,500 pounds each. Check our pricing & inventory page for current availability.

Quality hay that’s done right—bright green, nutritious horse hay

Have you been disappointed in the past by poor-quality hay? We stand by our quality. Moldy and dusty, yellow and stemmy, gray and weedy, we’ve seen it all—but you won’t get it from our farm. We do our best to put our hay up right. We cut when we have a window in the weather, we rake our hay to make sure it dries thoroughly, and we get it baled and stacked in the barn before it starts to rain. You get consistent quality and bright green hay that your horses love.

You can always come inspect our hay and our hayfields!

We want long-term relationships with our customers. We want you to know that you can rely on us to deliver a quality product year after year. We also live in a gorgeous place. If you have any questions about our hay, come see our hayfields!